Creative Portfolio


Madeline Duyck Resume_2016(.pdf)

Microsoft Cybersecurity Realm Map

Project capturing the full security landscape and how Microsoft works to protect customers.

Black Hat Map Rough 6 110dpi FINAL

Faced with the challenge of how to succinctly demonstrate how all of Microsoft’s product, services and platforms partner harmoniously to develop a secure computing eco-system we brainstormed and developed the TWC Security Landscape. Our team isolated layout, spacial sensitivities, developed iconography to capture the zeitgeist of the different stakeholders, and conducted research to ensure an accurate representation of the cybersecurity landscape.

To bring the project to life, we partnered with Jared Blando to illustrate this fantasy map. Jared brought the concept to life and seamlessly integrated the various elements while still maintaining a brand strong style.

Special thanks to:  Georgeo Pulikkathara, Dustin Childs, Angela Gunn, Jessica Dash, and Jared Lando.

WE Supports Special Olympics Oregon

Client: Waggener Edstrom Worldwide Firm

Waggener Edstrom engages approximately 50 percent of its employees each year in corporate sponsored team volunteer events. The video tells the story of an event organized to support Special Olympics Oregon Summer Games. It was part of the company’s quarterly Fun Week, inspired by the 2012 Olympics and employees’ passion for health and sports.

Submitted to the Boston College Corporate Citizenship Film Festival by Waggener Edstrom Worldwide. This video also garnered international recognition as “Rockstar Grand Prize Award” winner due to outstanding digital work with Special Olympics of Oregon.

NSAC – Extending Heart

Client: JcPenney 

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Our commercial

Public Relations: Case Study/Freelance Work

Client: Orange County Human Relations 

OC Human Relations is a nonprofit organization focused on improving inter-community relations through programs and services that encourage tolerance, equality, peaceful conflict resolution and more. From school programming to community workshops to mediation services and beyond, OC Human Relations is making Orange County a better place to live, work and visit.

The “All For Equality” campaign sought to increase awareness of OCHR’s programs and services and increase donations from new donors by promoting specific programs such as Bridges, redefining their communication techniques with cohesive tone and appearance, and reaching out to influentials who have not been previously contacted.

All For Equality Book PDF Download

Public Relations: Case Study/Freelance Work

Client: Picture Perfect Independent Film

As part of a senior capstone project, I developed and designed an entertainment marketing campaign for the independent film Picture Perfect directed by Tao Twins from Chapman University: Dodge College of Film and Media Arts.

Picture Perfect PDF Download

Social Media Portfolio

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Cecil Awards Event

Client: Dodge College of Film and Media Arts

The Cecil Awards celebrates the student achievements at Dodge College of Film and Media Arts at Chapman University. As one of the event producers, I worked with Kristin Hinkley to develop marketing materials and secure sponsorship for the event. This event’s theme was Survive the Wild encouraging award participants to survive and thrive in the wilderness of the entertainment industry. The design elements employed the natural elements of earth, wind, water and fire; each element was matched with one of three award categories including film, television, and digital arts to compliment the theme.

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