Going Big!!!

It was mid -summer and I was feeling restless.; plans were in the works for a big move to Columbus, Ohio and I was focused on not tripping at the finish line. It was like the ice at the bottom of a glass shouting “Hold brothers – Hold!” before they go “STRIKE!”

On July 23, 2013 I received the call I had been waiting months for and I GOT THE JOB!

I remember the few seconds after I hung up the phone going something like this as each wave hit me:

Wave 1


I’m moving to Ohio

Wave 2

I am finally going to be in the same city as my boyfriend.

Wave 3

How do I quit my current job?

Wave 4

HOLY COW! I am quitting my job!

Wave 5

And I have a HUGE event in less than two weeks.

Wave 6

And I need to fit my life into my car and drive to over 3,000 miles.

Wave 7

Will my car make it 3,000+ miles?

Waves 8-23,234

Wave 23,245

Did I mention I’m moving to Ohio?

Final Two Weeks

The next couple weeks were a whirl of chaos as I encountered sleeplessness, car issues, flights being booked, the end of my LDR, hipster-bars, a serious case of foot-in-mouth, late night packing parties, shocking news, creating PERFECT event materials, tracking coverage for BlackHat, training uber-talented interns, my body rejecting the stress I was putting it under and the emotional roller coaster of having to say goodbye to close friends and colleagues.

Below are a few snapshots capturing the highlights:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I like to think I kept it pretty calm, cool and collected: 

Although, I think if asked, my boyfriend would remember it differently:


What kept me going throughout the week were random creative projects:

My goodbye email to my colleagues at Waggener Edstrom Worldwide Inc. who inspired and challenged me daily.

The fort I built in my room, because what else do you do with a packed up room containing so much room for activities?


Doodles on the dry erase board I have wanted to write on since I joined Waggener Edstrom.



The culmination of a few months work with the Security Realm Map with Microsoft.

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