Microsoft Security Realm

Project capturing the full security landscape and how Microsoft works to protect customers.

This is an idea that I developed and pitched to Microsoft Trustworthy Computing to demonstrate how all of Microsoft’s security teams and services partner to develop a secure computing eco-system. After the pitch, I worked with clients in lockstep to isolate layout, spacial sensitivities, developing iconography to capture the zeitgeist of the different teams, and working to documenting an accurate representation of the cybersecurity landscape.

The lovely people at Gravity Shack directed us to work with the very talented Jared Blando to illustrate this fantasy map. Jared brought the concept to life and seamlessly integrated the various elements while still maintaining a strong style.

I couldn’t possibly be more grateful for the opportunity to work with the talented people I did, namely: Dustin Childs, Georgeo Pulikkathara, Angela Gunn, Jessica Dash, Michelle Gayral Hinrich and Jared Lando.

Microsoft Security Realm

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